Our Mission

The mission of the New London Community School District, through the combined resources of school, home and community, is to guide, challenge and motivate life-long learning in an environment that fosters individual success, mutual respect, pride and personal accountability.

Our Guiding Principles

The New London Community School District believes and maintains the following Guiding Principles:

  • Educational excellence prepares students for their future.
  • Communication among the homes, school, and community is essential to success.
  • We support pride for our school, community, and country.
  • Continual learning, growth and development is necessary for all individuals.
  • Utilizing resources through short and long range planning is vital to achieving educational excellence.
  • Education is fostered through personal accountability within a structured environment.
  • Challenge, motivation, and guidance are essential to individual success.
  • Shared decision-making is powerful.
  • It is necessary for the school to be a safe, secure environment. Mutual respect, responsibility and compassion are vital to the learning environment.

We Guide. We Challenge. We Motivate. We Learn.