About the Clark Preschool Program:

  • Clark Preschool is FREE. There are absolutely no enrollment or tuition fees.
  • Your child’s teacher has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as Elementary Education. 
  • We provide an AM Class from 8:15-11:15 and a PM Class from 12:15-3:15. 
  • Class meets on M, T, Th, and F. Regular attendance is expected. Our preschool schedule coordinates with the rest of the district for delays, days off, vacations, etc. 
  • Your child will be educated on concepts that will greatly assist them to have an easier transition to Kindergarten. Letters, phonetic sounds, beginning writing, numbers, number sense, counting, shapes, colors, book features, and calendar are just a few concepts taught. By working closely with your child’s future K-5 teachers, we are confident that Clark Preschool gives your child an advantage when beginning Kindergarten.
  • Conveniently located next to NLCCC. If your child attends NLCCC, they will be transported to and from for you! If your child is in the morning session, we will provide bus transportation to school. If your child is in the afternoon session, we will provide bus transportation home.
  • Please note that the busses will not transport students that are in the morning session home and will not transport students in the afternoon session to school.

For more information or any questions, please contact Brenda Heinold, elementary secretary, at 319.367.0507.