New London Parents and Families,

We want to take a moment to update you with more information regarding the four-week school closure recommended by Governor Kim Reynolds. Below are a few important highlights you need to know:

Faculty Use and Access:
Students may access the building on Thursday, March 19 th from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, parents are welcome to accompany their child to grab any personal items and computers. All students in grades K-12 will receive their computer during this time to utilize at home. Student medications will be available for pickup at this time, and if this doesn’t work for you, other arrangements may be made with the District office or administrators. After Thursday, March 19, 2020 the entire school district campus (all buildings/facilities) will be closed to EVERYONE until further notice, except for essential personnel at the discretion of the Superintendent.

New London will provide meal access during the closure: Administration has worked with the Food Service Director and determined to serve school lunches.
We are going to serve students ages 0 – 18 during the school closure for (FREE)!
 Meal: Grab and Go Bag! (Menu Below)
 Location: Clark Elementary Circle Drive (Bus drop-off point)
 Time: 11:30 – 12:30, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
 Tuesday – Tenderloin/bun, chips, vegetables/fruit, snack, milk
 Wednesday – Chicken Nuggets, cookie, apple sauce, veg/fruit milk
 Thursday – Cheese Stick/sauce, cookie, ice cream, veg/fruit, milk
 Friday – Chicken patty, smiles fries, sidekick, veg/fruit, milk
 We will continue to share a google form weekly so we can have the appropriate amount of meals ready to grab and go. We will update the menu weekly. If you forget to fill out the form you are still encouraged to come in for a lunch if you need it.

Teaching and Learning:
At this point, the plan is to provide an updated list of digital curricular resources each week school is closed. Again, this may change as information and direction become available at the federal and state levels.

We know and understand these digital resources can in no way replace or replicate the impact teachers have on students in a collaborative, in-person learning environment. If you have specific questions about the resources shared, please reach out to Allison Lair, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Services (

As always, our goal is to provide New London Tigers with a quality education for a lifetime of learning. Through all of this, we will show that New London Community truly is a place to belong.

No school activities or practices of any kind will be allowed while closed. All-State activity organizations have suspended activities for 4 weeks. This means the gym and the weight room are closed. The following activities will be postponed or canceled for the year.
Prom: (postponed) (1 st date recommended by the CDC May 16th ) This means it is tentatively planned for May 16th
8th Grade Field Trip to St. Louis: (Canceled) We will look to have the 8th grade travel next school year with the incoming 8th grade or attend a trip separately.
6th Grade Campout: (Canceled) We will have a joint campout next spring for both the 6 th & 7 th grade.
Dollars for Scholars: Postponed TBD
Senior Spotlight: Scheduled as planned!
Senior Graduation: Scheduled as planned at this time!

If there are any activities that I have missed but are scheduled during this time of closure they are all postponed with a date TBD.

Makeup Days:
Yesterday afternoon the House and Senate proposed and approved that the four-weeks of school will not be expected to be made up by school districts. The Governor is expected to sign this bill this morning.

Following CDC:
The purpose of this closure is to provide social distancing. Social distancing increases the space between people and reduces the chance on contagion and spread. It is only effective if we all do our part. We STRONGLY recommend all of our students, staff, and families to follow guidelines shared by the Centers for Disease Control. Do not gather in groups, stay home as much as possible, and reduce your direct interactions with others. For further guidance please see the CDC recommendations on helping our community stay safe and healthy.

Questions: Contact the district office 319-367-0512

Please know that I understand this will greatly impact our community and my heart is with you. I know the days ahead will be challenging for you and your family. We will do our absolute best to rise to the occasion and try to assist you in finding solutions going forward. May we all lean on each other in days ahead. We will make it through this rough time. I will continue to provide updates as I receive them to keep you informed

Yours in Education,

Chad Wahls