There will be a welcome home for our state wrestlers today at 2:00 in the auditorium! #NLTigerPride. ... See MoreSee Less

Tiger TV: Season 5, Episode 16
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Kindergarten Round-Up 2018

It is that time of year again, when Clark Elementary begins its search for all of the upcoming kindergarten students for the 2018-2019 school year. We have scheduled Parent’s Night on Monday, March 26th at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at Clark Elementary. Information will be given to you at that time as to when the round up days will be. If your child will be 5 years old by September 15, 2018 then we would love to have you attend our parent night. Please bring your student with you so he/she will have an opportunity to meet the teachers and see his/her classroom. If you are not sure if you are on the roster already, please call 319-367-0507. We look forward to seeing you.
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Preschool Round-Up 2018

Preschool Round Up parent night will be held on Monday, March 12th at 6 pm in the preschool room at Clark Elementary. If you have a child that will be 4 yrs. old by September 15th, 2018 then he/she would be eligible to attend. This is a tuition free preschool that is taught by a licensed teacher. Please call 319-367-0507 to get your students name on the roster if you have not already. We would love for you to bring your child to this meeting. Hope to see you then.
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OOPS we did it again!! The middle school ARTSY group met with Ms. Scott, and 16 kids made the coolest, crunchiest slime ever! When you squeeze it, it pops and crunches. I won't let the secret out as to how it does that, you'll have to ask them! We also made fluffy slime, light like clouds. Of course, we had yummy snacks and drinks! Thank you, Mrs. Alspach and Mrs. Nelson for sticking around to help clean up!!!! #NLTigerPride ... See MoreSee Less

New London High School seniors are working hard on their scholarship applications! If you and your student want to schedule more time, please feel free to set up an appointment with Mrs. Alspach during parent teacher conferences. Call 319-367-0500 ext. 202 for more details! If conferences won’t work, call anytime. ... See MoreSee Less

The MIDDLE SCHOOL episode with guest anchors! #NLTigerPride

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Attached is an order form for state wrestling shirts.
ALL orders are due to the superintendent's office by Noon on Monday, February 12th. #NLTigerPride
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Heather Sharp​ ​and Deb Scott (MakerSpace) partnered to give the 7th grade an opportunity to explore the Pythagorean Theorem. They did the hands-on activity as a front load to the concept of a^2 + b^2 = c^2. They were given strips of cardboard and worked with partners to construct a working model. The students had a deeper understanding of the concept and were actively engaged.Results are displayed in the main hall showcases! Cardboard was donated by the community. Thank you! #NLTigerPirde ... See MoreSee Less

Heather Sharp, Lauren Jones, and Deb Scott worked on a project with the 8th grade on how to prove the Pythagorean Theorem. Students were given the dimensions of 3,4,5. They were given cardboard strips to design the a^2 plus b^2 =c^2. A layer of beans was placed in the form and once the middle triangle was removed the beans covered the other units if done correctly. The great thing about this project is that students could see right away if their dimensions were not correct. It was an awesome visual. #NLTigerPride ... See MoreSee Less

ARTSY is off the ground and running thanks to a grant from the Pennebaker Foundation! ARTSY stands for

It is open to middle school and high school students on separate evenings after school from 3:30 till 4:30. It is a time to be with friends, get creative and have Snacks! These art activities are a bridge, a way for teens to express themselves when words are hard to find. We are striving to build a community of youth who support and uplift each other while having fun! #NLTigerPride
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New London Schools will be dismissing at 1:00 p.m. today (2/5) due to weather. All evening activities and practices are cancelled for tonight. #NLTigerPride ... See MoreSee Less

Get the scoop on HS wrestling, enjoy a new Sillytime, look back at the 100th day of school, and then check out our rising stars in JV sports. #NLTigerPride

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Teens are daring each other to eat Tide pods!

Over the years, "challenges" have become a prominent event among teens. Even as adults, we can be challenged to do some death-defying acts. In the recent months, the "Tide pod challenge" has become the highlight of social media. In these posts, kids can be seen biting into brightly colored liquid laundry detergent packets or cooking them in frying pans, then chewing them up before spewing the soap from their mouths. This "challenge" is life threatening, and it has taken the life of many who have attempted it. We urge you to pay close attention to this possible challenge with your child(ren) and explain the serious effects or even the life-threatening implications this challenge could have.

The New London Community School District will not support these "challenges" on our campus. If at any time we are made aware of this or any future challenge taking place, we will investigate and take action, which could possibly result in disciplinary actions. The board policy 502.9 Smoking, Drinking, Drugs states that "unauthorized materials cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of students will not be allowed."

Yours in Education,

Chad Wahls
Superintendent of Schools
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Middle School Boys Basketball Fans: The 8th grade game will be played first at 4:30 p.m., following by the 7th grade game tonight (2/1/18). #NLTigerPride ... See MoreSee Less

Please see this letter from the school nurse. #NLTigerPride ... See MoreSee Less

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