Attention Pantry Users and Workers! We are receiving additional guidance from the Food Bank of Iowa that we need to put in place. These safety measures for our pantry workers and patrons of the pantry will enable us to continue to serve during these difficult days. From this point forward, boxes will be made up and people seeking food will be asked to wait outside of the pantry and the food will be brought out to you. The safety of our workers and families is our highest priority. You will come to the outside pantry door and get a list of items. Circle the ones you want and give the list to a worker who will box the items and bring them to you. Please do not come if you are ill. You may send someone in your place to pick up food for you! Thanks! Attached is the food list. We will also have printed lists at the pantry.

Meats (pick 3/1 each)
Chicken fajita
Whole Chicken
Pork loin

Breakfast Sandwiches (2 boxes)
Instant Oatmeal

Ice cream bars
Ice cream pint
Fruit snacks

Baby food

Staples (pick what you need)
Brown rice
Shelf Stable Milk
Garlic salt
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter chips
Graham Crackers
Dried cherries
Dried cranberries
Tomato juice
Vegetable broth
Canned beans
Canned vegetables
Canned fruit
Canned chili
Canned chicken/tuna
Beef stew
Canned soup
Various bread products

Toilet Paper
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Just a reminder the Tiger Food Pantry is open tonight from 3:30 - 6:00! We got a special delivery today with the help of our two building principals making a trip to Ottumwa! ATTENTION: At this time any resident of the New London school district is welcome to utilize the pantry NO QUESTIONS asked! Pass word to anyone you may know that needs a little help during these uncertain times. All we ask is that the volunteers that are helping serve you as we will only allow two families at a time!
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In an effort to make it easier for parents and students to access the shared resources over this next few weeks we have converted the google shared drive to an easier to use format that will let everyone view the contents without having to be logged into an nlcsd.org email account.

This new shared folder has been emailed to all students and staff and it will be on the website at nlcsd.org under "Schools" and "Student Resources"

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Here is the Clark specific information.

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Here is the MS/HS specific information!

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NLCSD - Just a reminder, school will be open tomorrow from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM for students to gather belongings as well as computers for all K-12 students. We ask that you enter each building through the front doors and we will limit the number of students to 10 at a time in the building. If you are unable to make it in tomorrow to grab things please call the Central Office to make other arrangements at 319-367-0512. Following this post we will post specific details for each building. ... See MoreSee Less

New London teachers are preparing for how to best give guidance and resources to our students. Please have your students check their emails regularly. Much will come out today and tomorrow with a full release on Monday. College classes are carrying on online. More details to follow! #NLTigerPride ... See MoreSee Less

170 lunches ready to go. We are all in this together! Sign up here: forms.gle/4u92RgARZ7kGFD9V8

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IMPORTANT! We plan to keep the N L School Pantry open during this difficult time to help support our students and families. There will be a few changes in operation. We ask that families wait outside and a worker will bring you a box of food. We apologize that you will not get to choose your food. If you are signed up to work but are not comfortable working due to the virus, please contact us. We completely understand your concerns. ... See MoreSee Less

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NLCSD - Updated school Covid-19 information please follow the link to get guidance about many New London School related items. www.nlcsd.org/covid-19/ ... See MoreSee Less

Keeping our students, family, friends and community healthy is our #1 priority. Our March 28th auction will be postponed at this time with a reschedule date to be announced once the school's schedule of events has been revised. ... See MoreSee Less

A Night With the Stars
Join us for a night of food and entertainment!

Tickets are now on sale and may be purchased online at PaySchools (bit.ly/2I10673) or in the school office. If paying online make sure to pay attention to the date, as the show is Friday AND Saturday.
Hurry--reserved seating is limited!
--Front row V.I.P reserved seating with dinner is $30
--Non-reserved seating with dinner is $20.
--Paparazzi seating (bleachers) without a meal is $10 for
adults and $5 for children. No passes.

Dinner includes a choice of spaghetti and meatballs with a red sauce OR fettuccine alfredo, salad, and a breadstick. Drink choices are water, tea, lemonade
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Looking for a better way to get information about New London CSD? Check out our mobile app! It is recently renovated and contains even more useful information with an easier to use interface.

The app has building announcements, district calendars, athletic team schedules, TigerTV episodes, school alerts with push notifications for those bad weather days, and much much more!

It is available on both Android and iOS!


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